Gardens to Visit

Native Gardens and Arboretums

Yes, Virginia, there are public native gardens to visit nearby! Most are small, but can give you ideas for creating beautiful landscapes with native plants.


The Nature Nook – A special garden at the Placerville Library, created through the partnership of CNPS and El Dorado County Library, showcasing different habitat benefits of gardening with native plants. Read more here.

View a list of The Nature Nook plants.

To volunteer in the  garden, contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Sherwood Demonstration Garden – This beautiful garden complex, created and run by the UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County, covers 1½ acres. It is located behind Folsom Lake College, El Dorado Center, in Placerville. One of the 15 themed gardens is exclusively native, and natives appear in many other of the themed gardens as well.

Gold Bug Park – Native plants are being gardened near Hattie’s Gift Shop and the mine entrance. There is also a short interpretive trail at the park that teaches about foothill native plants.

EID headquarters – There is a small drought-tolerant garden out front with several native shrub species, as well as rain water collection.

Area under Highway 50 and along bike path near Mosquito Creek Outfitter Store – You will find native grasses, California fuschia, etc., which add beauty to this small native garden area.

Ivy House Parking Lot – A small but enjoyable native garden runs along the ramp at the back of the parking lot down to the creek.


American River Education Center in Folsom – This drought tolerant garden includes a native plant section, highlighting five species of oak and various native perennials and flowers.

Sacramento Native Plant Demonstration Garden – Over 150 native plant species at an old cemetery showcase drought-tolerant and wildlife-friendly gardening. Medicinal and edible native plants are also included.

UC Davis Arboretum – A pleasant park that runs along a stream on the UC Davis campus, with an extensive native plant section. A rain garden of native plants can be found near the eastern end as well. They also include many native plants in their plant sales, held several times each year.

Elk Grove Plaza – Native plants grace both the extensive rain garden and upland areas. This is one of the largest rain gardens in the region.